Importing a database in the .csv format

Libra uses the comma-separated values format for manual import and export of the database:

  • It can be opened in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets.
  • It’s a simple text file making it easy to edit manually.
  • Is a common way for health apps to export their own data, making it somewhat portable.

A sample Libra CSV looks like so:


#date;weight;weight trend;body fat;body fat trend;log
2008-09-07T06:00:00.000Z;84.1;83.3;15.3;15.3;This is a comment
  • The version is optional, but if present needs to be 5
  • This sample is in kg, use Units:lbs for Pounds
  • Every entry needs to have exactly 5 semicolons (;)
  • The date and weight are mandatory, all other fields are optional
  • Trend values are regenerated on import, so can be left empty

Also note that the .csv is merged with the existing database, so you can import multiple files separately.

Libra will attempt to give helpful feedback when the import fails, but if you’re struggling to import a .csv file, please reach out at