Troubleshooting Ad Removal

If you bought the Libra plugin prior to version 4, you shouldn’t be seeing ads in the latest version as an appreciation of your support over the years.

Please note that the purchases can only be honored on Android. At the moment there is no way to check for Google purchases on iOS.

Step Zero

Make sure you’re using the same Google account on the device that you used to purchase the plugin.

Step One

Check if you purchased the old plugin which installs as a separate app. Try visiting the plugin page on your device and install it.

If you see an error message, that’s ok - it means you probably purchased the plugin from inside Libra.

Step Two

Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Open Libra, use the 3-dot button on the top-right to navigate to Settings. From there open the Subscription page and at the bottom tap the Restore purchases button.

At this point Libra will recheck if the plugin from step one is installed, and ask the Play Store for a refresh on the list of in-app purchases.

If the ads do not disappear for you, please send me an email.
It helps a lot if you can find the invoice email you got from Google when you purchased the plugin.