If you can monitor it,
you can manage it.

Libra is a highly visual and intuitive way to keep track of your health and make sense of your data.

Monitor the trend behind the noise

Libra digs through the daily measurement swings to put focus on the hidden trends that actually matter.

Maintain motivation by focusing on your progress rather than immediate measurements.

Create new entries

Adding your information is quick and easy and you can do it as often as you like.

Track your weight, body fat, muscle mass, and other important body metrics.

Leave a text log to add any other relevant information.

Detailed overview of your data

Your database shows each and every entry in excruciating detail.

Use this screen to see the exact values you entered, edit, or delete them.

Monitor your body composition

Your weight isn't just one number, Libra shows you how it evolves in relation to your other metrics.

Make sure you're moving towards your goals in a healty, sustainable way.

Connect to your closest friends

Libra allows you to connect with friends so you can see each other's data in real-time.

Work towards a common goal with your gym buddies, or allow your health advisor to keep tabs on your progress.


All your health history

Insightful statistics

Online backups

Real-time sync

Limited sharing with other users

€0 (with ads)

Unlimited chart sharing

Full access to API

No ads

Great karma

Cheaper than fast food

€1,99 /month
- or -
€19,99 /year